Thursday, March 5, 2009

Some Food

Yesterday I had this for lunch...normally I use grilled chicken, but I was all out. So I used white beans, a little salsa, lime juice, spinach cucumber, red cabbage and yellow bell pepper. thanks to Sara (as usual) for the lime juice idea, it REALLY makes it taste good!!!! If I remember correctly, I had an apple too.
This one was with chicken...but no lime juice. I was TOTALLY missing the lime!!!! Served with apples and baby carrots
This was dinner last week. Bowl of slow cooked beans and chicken. With Salad (spinach, lettuce from moms garden, carrots, cucumber, cabbage, brocolli and celery) and balsamic vinagrette dressing...strawberries and oranges...YUM
My SIL texted me last week and said...I think I just lost our bet. She told me she went to dinner the night before and just realized that there was brown sugar on the sweet potato she ate. LONG story short, I told her not to worry about it. She said, you don't want me to lose so you can eat sweets all the time again? I said, NO!!!
Honestly, I have loved not relying on chocolate and the sweets and I told her that I was afraid that if we didn't continue to do what we were doing...that I would start going WAY OVERBOARD again...and I just didn't want to do that! So, we are continuing on our journey. We have given ourselves 2 free days a month (used to be only 1) and it seems to be working out very well for me. Although, my poor hubby is missing the sugar around the house! Just last week, after dinner, he said...I NEED SOME SUGAR!!!! haha...I'm like sorry! I was going to the store that night anyway, so I brought him home some dove dark chocolates. He was very happy with that:)
After this baby is born...I will have to break ANOTHER habit though. Eating a bowl of cereal (or 2) at 8 o'clock at night! Almost every night I am hungry again at that time. 2-3 hours after I have already eaten dinner. Ugh....