Tuesday, April 28, 2009


breakfast: oatmeal
snacks: peanut butter pretzels
lunch: same as monday (leftover beans, salad, apple)
dinner: breakfast! don't the eggs look so yummy??!! they were really good. I used 1 egg, 2 egg whites, added zuchini (from the garden!!), red bell pepper, onion and salt and pepper. I didn't have any fruit besides apples left so i went to the pantry and got out some canned peaches...also had whole wheat pancakes, plain...no sugary syrup!

Exercise: Ran 4 miles outside...I definitely am hurting for some new running shoes...hopefully soon i can go get some...i am WAY overdue!

Monday, April 27, 2009


Breakfast: oatmeal
snacks: raw almonds and two handfuls of peanut butter pretzels
(pictures are out of order! oh well!)
This is dinner...rebekkah wanted me to take a picture of her plate too:)

Grilled steak (thanks to cute hubby)...steamed brocolli and zuchini (zuchini was from our garden! yay!)...fresh strawberries, pineapple and one slice of apple (rebekkah didn't want her last one! ha!)..baby carrots..and i had probably less then 1/4 cup of brown rice
lunch: leftover beans from last night...green salad (spinach/lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, brocolli and celery with balsamic vinagrette)...apple...whole wheat tortilla (not pictured)
Exercise: Level 2 of Jillian Michael DVD...ran 2.25 miles on treadmill...then ran home from the park which I think was about a 1/4 of a mile...nathan thinks its more but oh well...so grand total of running at 2 1/2 miles:)

Sunday, April 26, 2009


breakfast: cream of wheat, strawberries and homemade wheat toast
snacks: crackers and baby carrots
lunch: fresh pineapple and leftover pizza
dinner: crockpot beans, sliced red and yellow bell peppers and cornbread muffins

Exercise: took rylie and walker for a walk (still got the full 45 minutes in!)

*challenge stuff*--for the challenge, you can either take one free point a day or take a full free day. my plan is to take a full free day, however, i can't always get 7 hours of sleep because of having a newborn obviously...and on the nights i dont get the full 7 hours i am not always able to take a nap...anyway...last wednesday i didn't get the full 7 hours so i had to take a free point that day to cover that. So, that meant that i couldn't take a full free day like planned. So, thursday, friday and saturday i got my 7 hours of sleep so could take a free point for each day...obviously, with my sweet tooth i took a free point for no sweets/sugar. friday i had paradise bakery cookies, saturday i had vanilla ice cream w/strawberries...AND for sunday i had carob clusters.

I didn't like taking a free point every day...because then i knew i was going to eat something sweet if i didn't have to take the free point for the 7 hours of sleep. I am hoping that i can still keep my sweets down to a minimal, even if for some reason i can't do my free full day. don't know if this makes sense to anybody else, or if anybody else cares, but i needed to write it down, just for myself. i'm hoping to take just one free day this week and not worry about the one point a day thing...but it all depends on my little babe if i can get the sleep or not!!!

Here's to week 2!


Breakfast: oatmeal and strawberries
snacks: baby carrots
lunch: apple and organic mac and cheese (i know, not the best lunch!)
dinner: homemade wheat pizza (i made a veggie one with sauce, little mozzerella cheese, olives, tomatoes, red bell peppers and onion...so yummy! i also ate one of the ones i made that just had turkey pepperoni and olives)

Exercise: Ran 3.5 miles OUTSIDE!!! that was my FIRST run outside since before baby was born! (my other runs have been on the treadmill) it felt so great to be out again, i had a wonderful run!!!


(sorry no pictures!)
Breakfast: Oatmeal
snacks: baby carrots, raw almonds and pretzels
lunch: apple and 2 tacos (brown rice, kidney beans, spinach, avacado, cucumber, bell peppers and a little salsa)
dinner: salad from paradise bakery

I had another serving of fruit that day (keeping with my 2 fruits/2 veggies from the challenge) but I can't for the life of me remember what it was. I'm lucky I remembered everything else I ate that day!

Exercise: Ran 2 miles and took rylie and walker for a walk

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Breakfast: homemade granola w/raisins, skim milk

snacks: raw almonds, pretzels

lunch: (very yummy today!) chicken salad on top of spinach/lettuce (made with chicken obviously! with onion, cucumber and celery..little mayo and mustard, salt and pepper), sides of 1/2 an aple and red peppers and carrots
Dinner: Turkey sub from subway...loaded with all the veggies (cucumber, peppers, spinach, olives, pickles, etc!)...carrot sticks and baked chips

Exercise: CardioX (from P90x) and ran 1 mile (wanted to do more but the babe was screaming the whole time i did just the 1!!!)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


My pictures are backwards...oh well...this is actually dinner although it looks like breakfast;)
1 egg and 2 egg whites, with brocolli, red peppers and onion topped with salsa...toast with peanut butter (i actually had another 1/2 of another piece of toast too)

Breakfast: Oatmeal

snacks: grapes, raw almonds, TLC veggie crackers

lunch: 2 tacos (leftover brown rice and kidney beans, little salsa, orange bell pepper, cucumbers and avacado...i forgot the spinach! darnit!) and an apple

Exercise:Ran 2miles and did P90X Ab workout


Breakfast: granola w/skim milk

snacks: grapes, raw almonds and whole wheat crackers

lunch: veggie sandwich (spinach/lettuce, cucumber, tomato and bell pepper on HOMEMADE whole wheat bread!) and an apple (should have taken a picture because it was DIVINE!!!)

Dinner: Veggie-Rice stacks
Got this from Erleen Tilton cookbook. REALLY liked it. The so called "cheese sauce" is made with cashews, a carrot, liquid aminos, chili powder, onion powder and salt...you put that all in the blender and mix until smooth then heat it up over the stove. So there's brown rice on the bottom, then the sauce, then top with kidney beans (or whatever you choose), red bell peppers, celery, brocolli, raw sesame seeds and raw slivered almonds.

Exercise: Ran 3.5 miles

Monday, April 20, 2009


Breakfast: homemade granola, raisins, skim milk

Snacks: red/green grapes, raw almonds

Lunch: Green salad with cucumber, yellow pepper and carrots...leftover grilled chicken and an apple..also had a roll
Dinner: (very yummy) black bean tacos....(forgot to take picture) black beans were seasoned with ground cumin, salt, onion powder and chili powder...used white corn tortillas, put on beans and topped with red bell peppers, lettuce/spinach, avacados and a little taco sauce...

Exercise: Level 2 from Jilian Michaels DVD and walked 2 miles on the treadmill...

The Challenge

I had already implemented some of these daily habits...and wasn't going to sign up for the actual "challenge"....but the competitive side of me won! And I did sign up....

It's something that I felt that I needed...I want to feel good about myself again...and take the time to do these things for myself each day...

Daily Habits
Each item is worth 1 point, with a possible 10 points per day
1 7 hours of sleep
2 48 oz. water
3 45 minutes of exercise (not necessarily consecutive)
4 2 servings of veggies, 2 servings of fruit
5 No soda, beer, wine, unhealthy snacks, or bad fast food [anything FRIED]
6 No sweets [desserts, pastries and sugary snacks & cereals] * sugar-free alternatives are ok
7 No eating after dinner/8pm
8 15 minutes of scripture reading (or other spiritual text if you don't do scripture)
9 One journal entry (any length)
10 Express sincere appreciation or praise to your spouse (if single, to another person)
Note: You have one free point per category per week, of your choice, or you can choose a day where all 10 points will be given.
You are excused from the sweet rule on YOUR BIRTHDAY.
You are allowed three sick days where you are excused from exercising and eating veg/fruit/water [if you can’t eat/drink] This is ONLY to be used if you are indeed sick.
All scoring is "on your honor." Please update the shared Google spreadsheet each day, or week with your points. We will send you this after you have paid $20 on a Paypal account.
There are two categories of winners:
1. The three resolutionaries with the most points will equally divide 80% of the cash in the Challenge Fund. For example, if there is $500 in the kitty, $400 will be allocated amongst the three players with the most points.
2. All participants with more than 505 points, or 60% of the available points. Because the Resolutionary Challenge is partly about getting the most points, but mostly about process, any person who gets an average of 6 points or better per day, will have won, and will be eligible for a random giveaway which will be funded by the remaining 20% in the Challenge Fund.

Friday, April 17, 2009

I just threw this salad together with what i had leftover in the fridge. Spinach and lettuce are fresh from my garden though!!! Salad also included: yellow bell peppers, carrots, cucumbers, rice, black beans,salsa and leftover grilled chicken!
Lunch with leftovers from the next pictures dinner.
Dinner, rice and black beans...in it has cumin, chili powder, salt, green chilis and some green onion and also chopped up cashews. the cashews were a yummy twist...(i got the recipe from a book from a lady name Erleen Tilton, I went to a health class of hers) served with apples and red and orange bell peppers! Very good!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Yes, this is normally something i'd eat for breakfast, but we didn't have anything scheduled for dinner for some reason, and so this is what i ate...the kids had oatmeal that night i think! 1 egg, 2 egg whites, salt/pepper, onion, zucchini and bell pepper..and orange!
My mouth is watering just thinking about this dinner. My cute sis-in-law from North Carolina visited us a few weeks ago and when she was here, she made this very yummy chili. I attempted to make it for us the following week and it was delicious!!! This is leftovers that I ate the following day for lunch, I actually had this three days in a row! Once for dinner and twice for lunch...it is THAT good!!! Plated with carrots, celery, strawberries and apple:)
The chili had black beans, ground turkey, canned tomatoes, onion, green bell peppers and seasoning....mmmmmmm
I am now 3 weeks post delivery of babe...and am SO wanting to go for a run!!! But I know it's a little too soon, so I will impatiently wait a little bit longer! I can't wait to start really working out again and getting back into shape. I don't have any weight to really lose from the baby, I am already almost at the weight I was before getting pregnant. I just need to tone everything back up again!!! yay!