Sunday, May 31, 2009

Fri, Sat, Sunday:)

I'm behind...and I didn't take pictures of here's the last few days
Monday: Breakfast I had this blackberry/blueberry protein shake. I didn't like it:( because of all the seeds from the blackberries. (I like strawberry and peach shakes better)
Lunch: Protein bar/carrots (we had NO food around and I was busy helping someone out)
Dinner: went with a friend out to dinner...I had grilled steak, steamed veggies and rice
Exercise: CardioX
Saturday: I ran EIGHT miles this morning (unfortunately I couldn't do it outside because my hubby had to leave for work at 4am:( so the treadmill was the way) and was famished by the time i got to eat. I felt like regular eggs for some I cooked those up and had 2 pieces of peanut butter toast (from my mini loaves) and VERY yummy grapes
It was my free day and so I didn't really pay attention much to what i was eating. For lunch I was at my moms and I just did an apple with some deli turkey and pepperjack cheese. snacks were a bit of a bunch of stuff..I don't even remember. Dinner my mom made grilled steak and we had watermelon and baked potatoes. I had ice cream later that night too.
Breakfast: Cream of wheat w/fresh strawberries and 1 english muffin
Lunch: we didn't eat breakfast until after 9am, so before we left for church around 1oclock I just had some grapes and baby carrots as lunch/snack
Dinner: 3 black bean tacos topped w/avacado, red bell peppers, cucumbers and spinach (wish i would have remembered to take a picture! so yummy) I also had some raw trail mix while I was making dinner
THEN the sad, beat myself up news...I ate ice cream AGAIN tonight, so I lost a point for the challenge:(

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Breakfast: 3 egg whites w/red pepper, brocolli, zuchini, onion, salt/pepper
Lunch: chicken salad (still had chicken leftover from yesterday) with carrots and watermelon
Dinner: Had turkey patties leftover from dinner last had one of those (used bbq sauce too), yellow bell pepper and little tomatoes from our garden! DELISH! also had some baked chips
Snacks: watermelon (have i mentioned how much i LOVE watermelon???!!!)/honey wheat pretzels
Exercise: Ran 2 miles/shoulders and arms P90X dvd/Ab ripper dvd

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Breakfast: 3 egg whites w/brocolli, red pepper, zuchini and onion/salt & peppper...apricot
Lunch: Chicken salad (I only ate about half of the salad becuase I got the kids ate it!) carrots and an apple...also had like 5 bites of my sons grilled cheese sandwich:)
Snacks: 1 protein bar and honey wheat pretzels
Dinner: (forgot to take a watermelon (oh so yummy!!!), turkey burger (no bun) on a bed of lettuce, topped with tomatoes and pickles, baked chips
Exercise: Ran 5 miles on treadmill


So, I haven't posted in QUITE a while! I have been a big slacker. I have been eating pretty good, just not documenting it very well. I find that when I take pictures of my food and write down what I'm eating, I do a lot better. So, I'm TRYING my best to make more of an effort to do that! plus, it's great seeing such colorful meals:)
This looks like breakfast, but it was actually dinner! And it was YUMMY!!!
Dinner: 3 egg whites with brocolli, zuchini, red bell pepper, onion and salt/pepper...side of blueberries (yum) and 1 whole wheat english muffin w/spray butter. (not pictured, the other 1/2 of a muffin I ate!)
Lunch: Grilled chicken, sliced tomatoes w/salt & pepper, red pepper slices, 4 apple slices and an apricot(so good!)
Breakfast: Oatmeal
Snacks: 1 fruit leather and a handful of pretzels
Exercise: P90X chest and back and also walked 1.5 miles on treadmill at 7.0 incline
It has been a LONG time since I've done any type of weight lifting, pushups, I am SORE from yesterday and it feels GREAT!!! I love P90X...but I am definitely weak and have a long way to go before I get back to what I was doing Pre-Baby!!! But that's okay...I'm working on it!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Catch Up

I'm finding that I just don't have time to write down everything i eat every day here on the computer. I keep track on my own little note pad, but with 4 kids, one being only 2 months old...I just don't have time! So I will post when I can and continue to take pictures and post those too.
This was lunch salad (fresh red lettuce and spinach from the garden, cucumbers, brocolli, carrots and red peppers)...grilled chicken and an apple
Dinner sometime last week. Griled chicken, apple and pineapple, steamed zuchini and brocolli with wild rice
Strawberry protein shake
Dinner last and yellow peppers, baby carrots, watermelon with black beans and rice
Lunch: leftover chili with red peppers and watermelon (i could eat watermelon ALL day EVERY day!!!!)
Breakfast: 3 egg whites with zuchini, red peppers and green onion...served with black bean salsa and an apple
Exercise is good. I did my goal last week of running 5 miles! And I ran it again yesterday....hmmm...maybe I can reach 6 this week?
Here's to a great week with great eating!!!!

Monday, May 4, 2009


Breakfast: granola w/raisins, 1% milk
snacks: wheat tortilla (?)/watermelon
lunch: baby carrots, 2 tacos (grilled chicken, bell pepper, cucumber, spinach/salsa)
dinner: chili (ground turkey, black beans, red and green bell peppers, tomatoes, spices), topped with avacado/watermelon...NOT pictured is the corn bread i ate...and i ate too much:(
Exercise: level 1 jillian dvd and ran 2.5 miles
goal for tomorrow: run FIVE miles and snack less:)


Breakfast: Cream of wheat
Snacks: raisins, whole wheat crackers, raw almonds and cashews
lunch: leftover sausage skillet, watermelon and baby carrots
dinner: 3 egg whites with zuchini, bell pepper topped with THIS yummy salsa (thanks sara!)..strawberries and an english muffin
Exercise: took my free exercise point for today


Breakfast: Strawberries/3 egg whites with zuchini, pepper, green onion, topped with salsa
lunch: peanut butter toast, baby carrots, watermelon
Dinner: sausage skillet (made with turkey sausage, pinto beans, brown rice, corn, diced tomatoes and seasoning)...watermelon, cucumbers and carrots on the side
Exercise: Ran 2.5 miles and walked 1
Took my free sugar point this day: had ice cream from cold stone creamery


Breakfast: Granola topped with raisins, 1% milk
Snacks: raw almonds and cashews
lunch: Grilled chicken/salad with lettuce, cucumber and green pepper (fridge was low on veggies!)/apple
Dinner: 3 black bean tacos...topped with avacado, red peppers, cucumber and spinach
Exercise: KenpoX/Ran 1 mile on treadmill


Breakfast: Oatmeal
snacks: granola (i made some that morning and so was snacking on it!)/raw nuts/baby carrots
Lunch: Strawberry protein shake
Dinner: 2 tacos (grilled chicken, spinach, cucumber, avacado, pepper, salsa and squeezed some lime on top) and an apple
Exercise: Ran 4 miles on treadmill


Breakfast: Cheerios (plain)
Snacks: raw almonds and cashews/whole wheat crackers
Lunch: 2 tacos (brown rice, kidney beans, red pepper, cucumber, avacado, spinach and salsa)/apple on the side
The picture was dinner...realy yummy. I got a recipe for Grilled chicken parmesan (no breading) from my biggest loser cookbook. It turned out really good. You just grill your chicken, when its done you put some marinara sauce on it(i made my own from the cookbook as well) and then top with a little cheese and let it melt. Much healthier then most chicken parmesans out there!!! Paired the chicken with steamed brocolli and zuchini and some canned pineapple (was out of fresh fruit)

Exercise: Level 3 Jillian Michaels dvd and walked 20 minutes on legs were tired/sore from the previous workouts!