Friday, September 25, 2009

So, So Good

I had this sandwich for lunch this week. It was SO YUMMY. Just a veggie sandwich. Toasted the bread a little bit (homemade of course!)...then put a tiny bit of miracle whip...then added lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, red cabbage and red bell peppers. I have been CRAVING it ever since.
Running is good. This week was my recovery week...and I was very grateful!!! So my long run is just 7 miles tomorrow. Next saturday I tackle 20 miles...and I WILL succeed this time!!

Monday, September 7, 2009


It's really been a while since I last posted!!! Every day I think I'll have time...and it just doesn't happen! Who knew that having 4 kids would take up so much time??!!! hahaha

So, today being Labor Day...hubby is home and we are all just hanging out. So, thought I'd take a quick few minutes to update this here blog-a-roo....

The challenge is going well. I am glad to be doing it again! And I'm loving the point for doing a personal goal. I love checking off the things I've accomplished every day and I love that my cute hubby is doing it too. My overall goal for the challenge is to get a PERFECT far, so good.

My running is doing amazing! Saturday I ran 18 miles...YES you read that right! 18!!! Seriously can't believe that I did it....well, I can...but I can' know?! It was a BEAUTIFUL morning for a run...and I got POURED on the last 6 miles. Not just a sprinkle...but poured on. When it first started sprinkling I was like, yeah! This is awesome! Then as it got harder...and harder...I was many doubts of wether or not I wanted to keep going. BUT I did. The last 2 miles of my run were...well, not gonna lie...they totally sucked! I was ready to give whole body hurt...BAD. My calves were on fire and both my knees were killing me. BUT (again) I didn't give up. I kept thinking that if I did...I'd be letting myself down. So, I just kept plugging along. That last little bit took me a while...but I just kept going! I was seriously VeRy proud of myself for pushing it. I was very sore on Sunday and am still today. I had only 2 miles (hallelujah!) to do today....and I didn't even want to do that! BAHA! But, of course I did!!

It makes me even more nervous for my next long run this saturday...20 miles...I was so tired after 18, I don't know how I'll make it the full 20. But every week I wonder that...and yet I still manage to complete my goal. AmAzInG!!!! It's a great feeling to know that I can do something so difficult and challenging. I have been talking with family members about the race and many have said that they'd like to go....we'll see what happens. I think we'll be taking our whole family up there for the event!!! It makes me very excited. I am SO grateful for my husband and for his support in all of this. He is so sweet and takes good care of me after my long runs. Oh how I love him!!! :)

Sad news is...I already need new running shoes. I just got these for Mothers Day! But I guess with as many miles as I've done the last month...they are just shot. There is no way I can do my 20 mile run this saturday with the ones I've got. So I'll be going down to get some more on Wednesday probably. Well, Babe is crying and ready for a guess I'm done for this time...hopefully it won't take me as long to update the next time!!