Thursday, January 29, 2009

This girl is very inspiring with her healthy food meals and choices...some day I'll be as good as her!!!! (thanks sara, you really are awesome!)

This is last nights dinner...egg sandwich (3 egg whites, toasted homemade whole wheat bread, with a little bit of honey), apple (there was carrots, but i ate them before taking the picture!)
Don't remember which night this dinner is from...sweet/sour chicken, with pineapple and green bell peppers on brown rice...salad (spinach, green leaf lettuce (from my momma's garden!), carrots, bell pepper, cucumber, red cabbage)...5 orange slices and 2 apple slices.
I love incorporating both veggie and fruit into almost every meal. My kids plates looked just like mine and that makes me happy too!!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A few meals

I've blogged about this soup before...I just love it!!! I love the fact that making one batch of it, having my whole family eat it for dinner, still leaves me with leftovers for a whole week!!!
My sweet kids helped me with the apples and strawberries!!!
Apples really are a favorite of mine...I eat one every day, sometimes two! Grilled chicken and a nice green salad full of yummy veggies!!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Sugar and me have had a great relationship this last month. He has been there whenever I've needed him, and whenever I really haven't. Sugar, is a love/hate relationship....of course I LOVE it while I'm eating it...and then HATE that I've eaten so damn much of it. Obsessed much? Unfortunately, Yes. So, it's time to cut the chord and take some sort of CONTROL in this area. I feel like I do a pretty darn good job with everything else I eat...I'm not big on fried foods, or greasy anything....but boy, I can down a big fat bowl of ice cream, anytime...any day!!!! are my weakness...but not for long. In recent weeks, I have told myself time and time again that I needed to cut back. My body can FEEL when I'm not eating right....especially when I'm eating it late at night before going to bed. But, even though I've wanted to change....I have always convinced myself that I needed it. Because SUGAR CAN DO THAT TO A PERSON!!!!! So, I made a little wager with my dear sister in law....NO SUGAR!!! NO CANDY, NO COOKIES, NO ICE CREAM....whoever cheats first, buys the other one dinner. I'm excited to begin...and excited to feel the changes in my rid myself of feeling like I HAVE to have something every single day. I think this week is going to be hard....but do you think I'm actually going to lose this bet?? Hmmm...I DON'T THINK SO!!!! So, Diana....I hope your saving your money because I am in to win!!! ha!

Monday, January 5, 2009

My running...

is officially over!!! I stopped running 2 weeks ago. it was a sad, sad, sad day!!! ha! But it was just getting too hard on my poor body!!! But I have been exercising still. I walk 3-4 miles everyday and do a prenatal yoga dvd atleast 3 times a week. I LOVE the really has helped me to relax and calm down my body and mind.