Friday, November 13, 2009

Hoover Dam Marathon

I am so overdue with this post...oh is what it is!!!

I completed my FIRST marathon!!! Wahoo!!!! I was so nervous the morning before...and the morning of! Especially since we got lost and couldn't find the start line to the race...HA! I was late starting, I started like 2 minutes after everybody else!!! Oh well!!!

Nathan took lots of pictures, I'm just putting a few on here:)

I was very proud of myself...and for sticking with the race. The first half was beautiful AND I felt really good...the second half was HARD. There was SO MANY HILLS....ouch!

My time for the race was 4 hours 45 minutes. That comes out to be about 10:50 per mile. I felt real happy with that time, especially with the amount of hills that were involved! I KNOW I could have gotten a better time, if it was more of a flat route. But thats okay. I am taking a bit of a break from the intense training...still running, just not nearly as many miles as before. It takes SO MUCH time and my sweet hubby needs a break too:) I am hoping to do another marathon next year though!!!!

The Wellness Challenge is officially over. Me and 2 other girls got a perfect score!! So we won. yay!!! So this week I have been eating whatever the heck I want...and it hasn't been pretty. HA

Too many sweets thats for sure. I haven't been taking any pictures of food at all...haven't been in the mood I guess. That and I basically eat the same things over and over....which I've already posted pictures on here before. SO! I guess that's it for now!!!
Happy eating...and exercising!!!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Can this girl do it?
Last week I officially registered for the marathon. I almost had a panic attack! It's only just over a week away until the race. I'm feeling very nervous...having lots of self doubt...WHY???!!!! I hate that I do that. I have trained very hard...I really feel like I'm ready. I put up a sign in my bathroom and my kitchen that says...I am a marathon runner...I can run 26.2 miles....Just to remind myself that I CAN do it. Can I Really??!!! Yes, Yes, Yes.......I have to constantly remind myself....envision myself at the finish line.....
Here's a few food pics! I love, love, love this cute little bowls...
and I love putting food in them to eat! It makes eating more fun...hahahahaha

Only 2 1/2 weeks left on the challenge. I still have a perfect score! Go me!!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

So, So Good

I had this sandwich for lunch this week. It was SO YUMMY. Just a veggie sandwich. Toasted the bread a little bit (homemade of course!)...then put a tiny bit of miracle whip...then added lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, red cabbage and red bell peppers. I have been CRAVING it ever since.
Running is good. This week was my recovery week...and I was very grateful!!! So my long run is just 7 miles tomorrow. Next saturday I tackle 20 miles...and I WILL succeed this time!!

Monday, September 7, 2009


It's really been a while since I last posted!!! Every day I think I'll have time...and it just doesn't happen! Who knew that having 4 kids would take up so much time??!!! hahaha

So, today being Labor Day...hubby is home and we are all just hanging out. So, thought I'd take a quick few minutes to update this here blog-a-roo....

The challenge is going well. I am glad to be doing it again! And I'm loving the point for doing a personal goal. I love checking off the things I've accomplished every day and I love that my cute hubby is doing it too. My overall goal for the challenge is to get a PERFECT far, so good.

My running is doing amazing! Saturday I ran 18 miles...YES you read that right! 18!!! Seriously can't believe that I did it....well, I can...but I can' know?! It was a BEAUTIFUL morning for a run...and I got POURED on the last 6 miles. Not just a sprinkle...but poured on. When it first started sprinkling I was like, yeah! This is awesome! Then as it got harder...and harder...I was many doubts of wether or not I wanted to keep going. BUT I did. The last 2 miles of my run were...well, not gonna lie...they totally sucked! I was ready to give whole body hurt...BAD. My calves were on fire and both my knees were killing me. BUT (again) I didn't give up. I kept thinking that if I did...I'd be letting myself down. So, I just kept plugging along. That last little bit took me a while...but I just kept going! I was seriously VeRy proud of myself for pushing it. I was very sore on Sunday and am still today. I had only 2 miles (hallelujah!) to do today....and I didn't even want to do that! BAHA! But, of course I did!!

It makes me even more nervous for my next long run this saturday...20 miles...I was so tired after 18, I don't know how I'll make it the full 20. But every week I wonder that...and yet I still manage to complete my goal. AmAzInG!!!! It's a great feeling to know that I can do something so difficult and challenging. I have been talking with family members about the race and many have said that they'd like to go....we'll see what happens. I think we'll be taking our whole family up there for the event!!! It makes me very excited. I am SO grateful for my husband and for his support in all of this. He is so sweet and takes good care of me after my long runs. Oh how I love him!!! :)

Sad news is...I already need new running shoes. I just got these for Mothers Day! But I guess with as many miles as I've done the last month...they are just shot. There is no way I can do my 20 mile run this saturday with the ones I've got. So I'll be going down to get some more on Wednesday probably. Well, Babe is crying and ready for a guess I'm done for this time...hopefully it won't take me as long to update the next time!!

Monday, August 3, 2009


Just a few things that I've eaten over the last few weeks. Time is short these days!!!

Lunch: Chicken Salad w/spinach and nectarines...(nectarine was DIVINE! so juicy and yummy!)
Breakfast: 3 egg whites, onion, red pepper and zuchini. Nonfat plain yogurt w/fresh strawberries and blueberries
Breakfast: Oatmeal w/fresh strawberries and blueberries (my most favorite breakfast!)

Lunch: Salad (spinach, red leaf lettuce, peppers, brocolli, carrots, zuchini, cucumbers) w/fresh grilled chicken topped w/some balsamic vinagrette (so yummy)
More nonfat plain yogurt w/fresh strawberries and blueberries...isn't that the cutest little bowl you ever did see??? (50 cents at TARGET!!! LOVE IT!!!)
Workouts are good. I am on phase 3 of P90x. And have been sticking to my running schedule. This saturday my long run is 12 miles!!!! I am gonna have to go WAY early so I don't get overheated in this Arizona heat!!! My long runs will just be getting higher and higher. Makes me a little nervous. This week 12, next week 14 and the next is 16!!! Then I'll have a recovery week (whew). Then I start getting into the 20's!!! Oh. My. Gosh.
My meals have been good and healthy. My snacking and sweets, not so much. I am definitely a stress eater!!!! At night I just wanna sit down and relax and not think about anything! After the kids finally get in bed, I'm exhausted and always looking for SOMETHING !!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Love this quote

Love yourself, for who and what you are; protect your dream and develop your talent to the fullest extent.

Joan Benoit Samuelson

Saturday, July 18, 2009


I am feeling very "slackerish" lately. Yes I've been working out, exercising, doing my "thing"...
Today was my long run day and I did 9 miles, outside!!! It was a good run...I was feeling tired around mile 8, but kept pushing!!! Next week I do 10 miles....and it just goes up from there!!! The marathon is on Oct 31st so I need to make sure I get all my running in so I am PrEpArEd!!!!!

Anyway, back to slacking. My eating. Is. Horrible.

My portions are out of control! And the sweets are still killing me!!!!! ugh!!!!

So, I printed out 2 pictures of Dara (sp) Torres...(previously made a post about her)...I will hang one in my room and I plan on putting one somewhere in the kitchen, either in the "snack" cupboard or the fridge. Haven't decided. That way, I am reminded of my goals and where I want my body to be.

I am so grateful that I did the 12 week challenge...and am thinking I will do it again...but maybe a little bit of a different version...and my cute hubby says he wants to do it too!

On to some GOOD food. I wrote about this place before....PiTa JuNgLe!!! Oh how I LOVE that place. Healthy food that is so, so good! My cute hubby and I got to go on a date last week, and I chose to go eat there. I got their Mediteranean Chicken Salad...OH MY GOSH!!! Pure heaven, it was so good. I wish oh wish I had a camera to take a picture!!! I can't WAIT to have it again. Super healthy dinner and then I had a big old ice cream from cold stone afterwards...wha???!!!! Idiot!!!

Here's me...setting the reset button AGAIN!!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Yesterday was my first day off of the 12 week challenge that I participated in. I really enjoyed doing it, all but having to make sure I got 7 hours of sleep per night. That was just too stressful for me!! Because of having a newborn and all!! But I loved all the other things. I hoped that at the end of the 12 weeks I wouldn't crave the SUGAR so much, but that didn't happen for me.

AND yesterday I took FULL advantage of not being on the challenge and being able to eat whatever I wanted. I didn't go out and buy fast food, or have french fries, or anything like that. It was all sugar! I am seriously embarassed to even say how much I had!!! 2 oversize cookies in the morning, ice cream sundae in the night...AND another 3 cookies. Hello??!!!!

Seriously overboard. And I was totally feeling it last night. Not only mentally but physically. There's a reason why I try to eat right all the time...because duh...I feel good when I do. Yesterday was serious overindulgence and I vowed to myself that today was going to be a new day, a better day. I reminded myself of what my goals are.

Is what I am eating, leading me to my goal? Or leading me in another direction, away from my goal?

I am so glad I did the challenge!! And I am definitely up for doing it again, when the babe is older and sleeping better!!! :)

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Breakfast today was oatmeal w/frozen blueberries and fresh strawberries...oh how i LOVE oatmeal with fruit!!! seriously, i could eat that for every meal.

Lunch I made a salad...spinach, red leaf lettuce, carrots, red bell pepper, cucumbers, zuchini and cabbage...topped with some balsamic vinegrette. THEN
(horrible picture i know) I had yogurt w/fresh strawberries
This yogurt is SO yummy!!! THE BEST part about this yogurt, is that 1 serving, which is a cup, has only 120 calories and TWENTY SIX grams of protein!! How awesome is that??!!! Yay for protein!!!
I only wish it wasn't so BLASTED expensive. BUT Sprouts had it on sale this week, so I took advantage:)
Workout today was running 5 miles, cleaning the house and moving furniture for carpets to be cleaned tomorrow!!! I wanted to get some YOGA in today, but I did NOT have the time!!!
Snacks for today were grapes and some raw trail mix.
Dinner I had 3 egg whites w/green onion, red peppers, and zuchini and 1 whole wheat english muffin topped with spray butter and homemade apricot jam (OH YUM)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Yes...I am...Alive!

Long time, no post! To my devout readers, I apologize! hahahahaha...
Anyway, this past weekend I got to run a 10K up in Prescott with this cute girl!!!
It was a great trail run and I was very happy with my results. I had a personal best for time AND I took 2nd place for my age division! wahoo!!!!

I was pretty proud of myself!! Good results and I felt good! This was my first race since having my cute babe! (who was there to cheer me on!)

I have been thinking a lot about my body. I know that my weight is already down from having the baby, but I still can't fit into my old clothes. I still have love handles and a tummy that I am trying to get rid of. I am not entirely UNHAPPY with the way I look....but I am VERY self conscious. I guess that's not true...I am unhappy with the way my body looks. But why? Why am I constantly comparing myself with others. And yes, I did have a baby 3 1/2 months ago...but you see...I have a problem. I am INPATIENT. I want my "pre-baby" body back already.

But here's the thing. That "pre-baby" body took me 1 year to get! And I just realized that today. AND I didn't breastfeed my last baby and so I didn't have to eat MORE to make sure I had plenty of milk.

So, I NEED to be happy. Happy with myself. My body. My accomplishments. My BABY! Because as much as I LOVE to exercise, eat healthy, and run my little heart out!!! I have come to realize that getting that "pre-baby" body might take a little more time. Because what matters most RIGHT NOW is that cute baby laying down in the living room playing with her toys.

(I will do my best to keep posting food and workouts....just been crazy around here the last few weeks!!!)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I dont have time to go back and make up for past days!!! So here's a few things I've eaten...
Breakfast: Oatmeal w/strawberries blueberries...LOVE blueberries in oatmeal...adding strawberries is even better!! So yummy
Another Breakfast: normal 3 egg whites w/red pepper, onion and
Dinner: Crockpot beans (black, kidney and pinto)...very good! topped with avacado...I ate this with same Baked tortilla chips
Dinner: I had made fajitas (shredded chicken, yellow pepper, onion and spices) and didn't feel like using a tortilla like the rest of the i just put it on a bed of spinach and added a little was very good! then i mixed up a can of pinapple w/fresh apple cubes...tasty:)
Last Saturday I ran 8 miles outside. It was not a great head was "not into it" and so it made for a difficult run. I'm hoping that my long run this saturday will be better!! :)

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Meals were seriously SO GOOD today!!!
Breakfast: Oatmeal w/strawberries and blueberries...little agave
Lunch: leftover chicken and brown rice...bed of spinach, red leaf lettuce, cucumber, red pepper, carrots, zuchini w/balsamic vinegrette
Dinner: (we do breakfast for dinner...ALOT!) Look how pretty!!! It was divine!!!
3 egg whites, brocolli, zuchini, red peppers and green onion...3--5 grain pancakes w/strawberries and blueberries

So pretty and SO yummy:)
Snacks: raw trail mix
Exercise: Ran 3 miles...Back and arms P90x


Breakfast: peach and strawberry protein shake
Lunch: WISH i would've gotten a picture. Went to pita jungle and it was SO GOOD!!!! i can't remember the name of what i got...but there was marinated grilled chicken, with brocolli, cauliflower, squash, onion, tomatoes (i think) and different kinds of beans...all wrapped up in a pita...holy cow, am totally craving getting one of those again!!! great place with LOTS of healthy food to choose from, it took me almost 20 minutes to decide what i wanted!!!
Dinner: chicken/rice...with a green salad (spinach, lettuce, peppers, cucumber, tomatoes, zuchini, carrots) and watermelon


Breakfast: Oatmeal w/raisins and a little agave
Lunch: bed of spinach and red lettuce, grilled chicken, brocolli, red peppers, carrots, zuchini, cabbage, cucumbers, lime juice and salt
Dinner: shishkabobs w/top sirloin (marinated in teriyaki sauce & pineapple juice), green peppers, pineapple and onion (YUM) grilled on the bbq, wild rice, strawberries, steamed zuchini and brocolli
snacks: whole wheat crackers
Exercise: Ab ripper/chest and back P90X


Breakfast: 3 egg whites w/zuchini, brocolli, onion and yellow pepper, strawberries
Lunch: strawberry/peach protein shake
dinner: 2 tacos with grilled chicken, spinach, yellow peppers, cucumber, spinach with lime juice squeezed on top...(not pictured: part of walkers burrito that i also ate)
Exercise: ran 3 miles on treadmill...hill setting...and level 3 of Jillian dvd
Snacks: Carrots, raw almonds...
Also had air popped popcorn w/a little spray butter and salt while watching a movie with the family:)


(yes i've been a slacker)
Breakfast: Cream of wheat w/strawberries and an english muffin...okay, lets be honest huh? i had 2 muffins
lunch: strawberry protein shake
dinner: 2 tacos w/ground turkey, spinach, lettuce, cucumbers and tomato
Exercise: brisk walk for 45 minutes in the neighborhood

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Today was my "free" day for the challenge...and I took full advantage. Why must I look forward to my free days so much??!!!! Ah well.

Good thing is I woke up at 4:30 AM and ran 7 miles outside! it was a georgous morning and I even got to watch the sunrise! I felt really good on my run!! My pace was pretty good too, I ran it in 1 hour and 15 minutes which works out to be a 10:42 pace. Not too shabby!!! I could have done even better except that last mile I got a major cramp so I slowed down a bit:(

Friday, June 5, 2009


Breakfast: Oatmeal w/raisins, little agave and 1% milk
Lunch: we are totally out of food in our house!!! and i was working all my lunch was just a protein bar and baby carrots
Dinner: Leftover chili w/avacado on top...bed of spinach/red lettuce, zuchini, baby carrots, yellow pepper and celery w/a little salt and lime juice
Snacks: raw trail mix, peach, whole wheat crackers
Exercise: P90X Shoulders and Arms


Breakfast: 3 egg whites w/brocolli, zuchini, yellow pepper and onions...apricot (YUMMY) and 1 cinamon raisin english muffin
Lunch:Salad same as yesterday...with a small bowl of fresh watermelon and raspberries, yum!
Dinner: Ground turkey and black bean chili...cornbread
Exercise: Ran 3 miles on treadmill...hill setting...also played basketball and 4 score with the kids and did jumping jacks, wall squats and lunges


Breakfast: Strawberry/spinach protein shake
Lunch: was headed to a friends house to let the kids swim and didnt have time to eat I took it with me! spinach/red lettuce, yellow peppers, brocolli, carrots, celery and grilled chicken w/salt and lime
Dinner: Green salad (same ingredients as above, minus the chicken)...spaghetti and french bread
Snacks: whole wheat crackers, apricot, raw trail mix
Exercise: Ran 5 miles outside

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Breakfast:(forgot picture) Oatmeal w/fresh strawberries

lunch: bed of spinach/red lettuce w/grilled chicken, baby carrots, tomato, brocolli, red peppers and cucumber...little salt and pepper with fresh lime squeezed on top...SO YUMMY (thanks sara for the lime idea!)...bowl of watermelon
Dinner: veggie rice stacks...brown rice, kidney beans, celery, red peppers,

Snacks:grapes and raw trail mix

Exercise: P90X chest and back/ab ripper/walked 30 minutes on treadmill (rest day for running)...incline 10.0

Monday, June 1, 2009


Breakfast: 3 egg whites w/ red pepper, zuchini, brocolli, onion and a peach
Lunch: 2 leftover black bean tacos (black beans, spinach, cucumber and red peppers, i was missing the avacados!!!) side of watermelon...and i actually had 2 bowls of watermelon, so delish!
Dinner: (very yummy!) grilled chicken with watermelon and strawberries, steamed zuchini and peas and about 1/4 of a baked potato with a few squirts of spray butter and salt and pepper
Snacks: grapes, raw trail mix and pretzels (today was a SNACK day i don't know why but I was hungry ALL DANG DAY!!!!)
Exercise: Ran 3.5 miles OUTSIDE and did level 3 of Jillian dvd

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Fri, Sat, Sunday:)

I'm behind...and I didn't take pictures of here's the last few days
Monday: Breakfast I had this blackberry/blueberry protein shake. I didn't like it:( because of all the seeds from the blackberries. (I like strawberry and peach shakes better)
Lunch: Protein bar/carrots (we had NO food around and I was busy helping someone out)
Dinner: went with a friend out to dinner...I had grilled steak, steamed veggies and rice
Exercise: CardioX
Saturday: I ran EIGHT miles this morning (unfortunately I couldn't do it outside because my hubby had to leave for work at 4am:( so the treadmill was the way) and was famished by the time i got to eat. I felt like regular eggs for some I cooked those up and had 2 pieces of peanut butter toast (from my mini loaves) and VERY yummy grapes
It was my free day and so I didn't really pay attention much to what i was eating. For lunch I was at my moms and I just did an apple with some deli turkey and pepperjack cheese. snacks were a bit of a bunch of stuff..I don't even remember. Dinner my mom made grilled steak and we had watermelon and baked potatoes. I had ice cream later that night too.
Breakfast: Cream of wheat w/fresh strawberries and 1 english muffin
Lunch: we didn't eat breakfast until after 9am, so before we left for church around 1oclock I just had some grapes and baby carrots as lunch/snack
Dinner: 3 black bean tacos topped w/avacado, red bell peppers, cucumbers and spinach (wish i would have remembered to take a picture! so yummy) I also had some raw trail mix while I was making dinner
THEN the sad, beat myself up news...I ate ice cream AGAIN tonight, so I lost a point for the challenge:(

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Breakfast: 3 egg whites w/red pepper, brocolli, zuchini, onion, salt/pepper
Lunch: chicken salad (still had chicken leftover from yesterday) with carrots and watermelon
Dinner: Had turkey patties leftover from dinner last had one of those (used bbq sauce too), yellow bell pepper and little tomatoes from our garden! DELISH! also had some baked chips
Snacks: watermelon (have i mentioned how much i LOVE watermelon???!!!)/honey wheat pretzels
Exercise: Ran 2 miles/shoulders and arms P90X dvd/Ab ripper dvd

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Breakfast: 3 egg whites w/brocolli, red pepper, zuchini and onion/salt & peppper...apricot
Lunch: Chicken salad (I only ate about half of the salad becuase I got the kids ate it!) carrots and an apple...also had like 5 bites of my sons grilled cheese sandwich:)
Snacks: 1 protein bar and honey wheat pretzels
Dinner: (forgot to take a watermelon (oh so yummy!!!), turkey burger (no bun) on a bed of lettuce, topped with tomatoes and pickles, baked chips
Exercise: Ran 5 miles on treadmill


So, I haven't posted in QUITE a while! I have been a big slacker. I have been eating pretty good, just not documenting it very well. I find that when I take pictures of my food and write down what I'm eating, I do a lot better. So, I'm TRYING my best to make more of an effort to do that! plus, it's great seeing such colorful meals:)
This looks like breakfast, but it was actually dinner! And it was YUMMY!!!
Dinner: 3 egg whites with brocolli, zuchini, red bell pepper, onion and salt/pepper...side of blueberries (yum) and 1 whole wheat english muffin w/spray butter. (not pictured, the other 1/2 of a muffin I ate!)
Lunch: Grilled chicken, sliced tomatoes w/salt & pepper, red pepper slices, 4 apple slices and an apricot(so good!)
Breakfast: Oatmeal
Snacks: 1 fruit leather and a handful of pretzels
Exercise: P90X chest and back and also walked 1.5 miles on treadmill at 7.0 incline
It has been a LONG time since I've done any type of weight lifting, pushups, I am SORE from yesterday and it feels GREAT!!! I love P90X...but I am definitely weak and have a long way to go before I get back to what I was doing Pre-Baby!!! But that's okay...I'm working on it!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Catch Up

I'm finding that I just don't have time to write down everything i eat every day here on the computer. I keep track on my own little note pad, but with 4 kids, one being only 2 months old...I just don't have time! So I will post when I can and continue to take pictures and post those too.
This was lunch salad (fresh red lettuce and spinach from the garden, cucumbers, brocolli, carrots and red peppers)...grilled chicken and an apple
Dinner sometime last week. Griled chicken, apple and pineapple, steamed zuchini and brocolli with wild rice
Strawberry protein shake
Dinner last and yellow peppers, baby carrots, watermelon with black beans and rice
Lunch: leftover chili with red peppers and watermelon (i could eat watermelon ALL day EVERY day!!!!)
Breakfast: 3 egg whites with zuchini, red peppers and green onion...served with black bean salsa and an apple
Exercise is good. I did my goal last week of running 5 miles! And I ran it again yesterday....hmmm...maybe I can reach 6 this week?
Here's to a great week with great eating!!!!