Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Okay, so I haven't been tracking my food very well. I keep forgetting to take the pictures and all. And then my day ends and I haven't had time to even get the pictures on here!!! So here's what I've got for the last little idea what days or anything...

This was my packed up dinner on Monday. Girls have piano lessons on Monday so we eat dinner at my MIL house. I always pack my own:) There is a grilled chicken breast under all those veggies!!
Sliced apples and handful raw almonds
ahh, the love of my life! This has become one of my FAVE's for breakfast. Warm brown rice, apples and almonds w/almond milk. I'm actually eating this one right now...I could eat this for every meal!!
Apples and I KNOW it looks like something OTHER then almond butter, but i promise, its not.
Baked salmon (w/salt, pepper and a little Tony's...yum), raw carrots, yellow peppers, cucumber and cauliflower
Grilled chicken breast (w/salt, pepper and tonys...i LOVE tonys)..sliced cucumbers and tomatoes
I can't wait until summer....not for the heat of course but for all the yummy fresh fruit!!! And I really wish I could get my running back on track. I am working out of course, but not hardly any running is involved...that makes me sad:( I guess I need to pick a race to do, that way I have a goal in mind??? That will totally make me stick to a running schedule...
Challenge is going well. Perfect score for week 1...and there was ALOT of other people that did too!!! I think there is going to be a fierce competition this time around!! Which is good...makes me glad that people are reaching their goals...

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tues and Wed

Just haven't had time to get these pics uploaded. And now that they are, they are all out of order! but i don't care...i'm not going back to change!!!
Wed Dinner: Bean salad...lettuce (from garden!), alfalfa sprouts, black beans, yellow peppers, celery and chopped walnuts...w/vinegrette dressing...(this was pretty good, but i'm getting tired of the dressing, need to find a new one)
Wed 2:30 meal...grilled chicken w/raw carrots and steamed brocolli. This was YUMMY. Esp the chicken...i grilled it w/salt, pepper and a little Tony's...mmmmm
I think this was Tues 2:30 meal...just cut up raw veggies...also had grapes
Wed breakfast: This was SO good. Cooked brown rice, almond milk, almonds and apple chunks...can't wait to have this again...
Tues dinner: veg omelete. Another one i love. 2 eggs w/green onion, peppers and zuchini...i put salsa on top when i ate it...w/side of raw veggies
Don't remember what day or meal...but it was good!
Tues meal: chicken lettuce, sprouts, red peppers, cucumbers, chicken and vinegrette dressing
I had an apple w/this stuff i belive it was tues morning...SO GOOD!!! I love almond butter
Workouts were good. Tues I did cardio x and ran 2 miles...(wanted to run more but had a BAD headache)...Wed was shoulders, biceps and triceps (p90x) also did a lot of jumping on the trampoline w/the family!!!

Monday, February 15, 2010


Yay for the first day of the challenge!!! Feels good to be back...didn't think I'd actually feel that way. HA....
I am doing my best to stay on a meal plan for the next few weeks. I eat 4 times a day. I only took 3 pictures cz I forgot about doing it at breakfast. I eat at 7am, 10:30am, 2:30pm and 6pm. I kind of like it, I kind of don't. All the food was totally yummy though!!!

This isn't the best picture...(none of these are...our camera is dying i I didn't care what it looked like) This was dinner, had piano lessons from 530-630 for the girls so dinner was at the inlaws. I packed up my own to eat when we were done at piano. Green salad topped with chicken...lettuce, alfalfa sprouts, red peppers, celery...and 2 Tbs of homemade vinegrette dressing.
This was my 230 meal. Brown rice topped with seasoned black beans (that i bottled myself! YAY!), red peppers, alfalfa sprouts, avacado and a little hot sauce...very yummy

Protein smoothie at 1030am. Almond milk, peaches and strawberries, powdered greens, 1 tbs sunflower seeds and 1 tbs Xagave. I LOVE this shake...
7am meal was 2 hard boiled eggs w/celery. I like to cut up the eggs and put salt on them...I never really used to like hard boiled eggs. But I am getting used to them more and more. I also snacked on grapes today.
Exercise: Chest and Back, Ab Ripper (P90x)...also did 500 jumps w/a weighted jump rope

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Why do I find myself constantly hitting the reset button?? Like, EVERY DAY!!! Man oh man. I vow to do better the next day, and DON'T. Sometimes its just a struggle and I just don't want to take the time to care. Boo.

Starting Feb. 15th I'll be doing another challenge. I really didn't want to head one up this time...I mean..I REALLY DID NOT WANT TO. But now that I think about it. I am glad that I am. It will give me some much needed motivation, especially to be eating better. I am hoping to get more running in starting soon. Things have just been so busy, I haven't had the time. And I really, really, really MISS IT!!!! I got out and did 4 miles yesterday and I'm hoping to get a run in today too.

SO I've also decided that once the challenge starts, I will start keeping track of my food better AND start taking pictures again. I can't believe how much that helps. OH and I found out that I absolutely LOVE apples and raw almond butter. It is so very tasty!!! Wahoo!!!

I'll be hitting the reset button again....and hope to be posting a whole lot more on this here gosh darnit it helps:)