Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A New Year

I am so grateful for a new year. The opportunity for self reflection, much needed self EVALUATION. I am starting out the new year with a bang.

i'll be participating in a 28 day green smoothie/raw food detox. I'm excited, I'm scared.

My goal is to be 100% with this. I want to KICK my sugar addiction. (yes my whole family went off sugar for the month of november, but boy....december was NOT GOOD)

I want my energy back. I want my good nights sleep back. I want my confidence back. I want my healthy lifestyle back. Mainly...I want to feel REAL GOOD about myself again.

Recently I read a 4 series blog post from She talked about our bodies, self esteem, loving ourselves. I LOVED what she wrote and refer to those blog entries often. I recently put up around my house papers that say "I LOVE MY BODY, IT SERVES ME WELL"

I love having that reminder around the house. And HOPEFULLY those words will "sink in" real soon.

Here's to a new year....Make it a good one.