Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Of Course!

I'm all sorts of behind on my postings. The good news is, I didnt eat after dinner all last week! Until Saturday night. I was very proud of myself, there was a few HARD days!!! Actually should say nights!

This week I totally fell off that rule tho. Monday was hubby's bday, and then we had leftovers from his bday last night. And tonight...well, I'd rather not talk about it. :/

But going from what I did last week, to this week, there's a big difference on what I'm thinking about, where I'm putting my energy, what the kids are focusing on, when we end all eating with dinner. (I don't WANT my kids to expect a treat every night, and of course if I'm having something, then they are too. If they are genuinely hungry, they can have a raw fruit or veggie)

I've been having a bit of trouble w/my right knee when I'm running. It's not making me very happy. I can feel it doing other exercising sometimes too. This is my recovery week for P90X. Did power yoga on monday w/cute hubby (i don't use the one from P90X tho, I have a diff one I use) and yesterday I did Core Synergistics. Man, I was sore this morning from that one!!! Today was kenpo, but I did Taebo cz its basically the same thing. I did run a few miles Monday and Tuesday too, but didn't have the time today!