Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Holy Cow!!!

Yep, it's been quite some time since I've journaled on here!!! I didn't realize how long!! Oh well. That's what happens when you get pregnant and sick!!!

It's a new year! yay! Unfortunately I haven't had time to even THINK about any type of new years resolutions. Altho, I don't normally do them, I do like to have a few goals every year, especially when it comes to exercise and whatnot!!! So I will think of that this week and hopefully get them written down on here soon.

Baby will be 3 weeks old tomorrow! So I haven't been doing any type of exercise yet. It's definitely driving me a little crazy. But I know that it's not time for me to be working out hardcore yet...3 more weeks!! :) I will survive! I did go for a very short walk yesterday and plan to get a walk in every day...to atleast get myself out of the house so I don't go nuts-o!

I have also cut out refined sugars and white flour. I don't eat white flour hardly ever anyway, so that won't be hard. But the sugar thing...hmmm...yeah. HA! The reason is to hopefully combat any post partum depression this go round. I had major issues after Rylie was born. I had my placenta put in capsules after having Charlie and that has done great so far...(if your reading this, and are interested in the benefits of doing this with your placenta, look it up...its AMAZING what the placenta can give you!!!) Of course the holidays for me were bad when it came to sugar. Especially because I just had a baby, and I was in that "I just had a baby so I can eat whatever" stage. I'm definitely glad the holiday junk is outta here!!! There were one too many "overboard" days....

So with cutting out the refined stuff, I am not limiting myself however to not eat any type of sweetener. Like raw honey, pure maple syrup...etc. I'm cutting out the other first...if I feel like that isn't completely working, then I will have to cut out the rest and go from there. For now, I'm okay with having the healthy stuff.

I'm back down to my weight that I was before I got pregnant, but my belly is still here. I'm excited to get back to exercising and get that taken care of!!! I'm trying VERY hard not to focus on it too much right now...I know it takes time for the body to get back...um, especially since this was baby number FIVE! (holy sheesh!!)

I have a few good recipes I'd like to post. Hopefully soon, when I have more time. We have been LOVING lentils around here. We make lentil tacos and we love this recipe for lentil chili too. I crave the lentil chili ALL THE TIME!!! haha. I'll post soon. And hopefully be better at posting this year, for my own sake of course...cz I don't know that anybody even still reads this! ha!

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Rob and Jen said...

Hey, maybe you think nobody reads your blog, but here I am!!! And I can't wait to get your recipes for the lentil tacos & chili. I'm needing some new ideas! Reading your blog is motivational--makes me want to get healthier! Thanks for all your good ideas.