Monday, May 19, 2008

Summer Time Blues

I'm already having the Summer Time Blues...and the kids aren't even officially out of school yet!!! Why? Because it's hot...and yes, I do like the warmer weather...but not the HOT, HOT, HOT weather because then that means running outside is kind of put on hold. I'm trying to figure out how the heck I'm going to get my running in this summer. Should I get a YMCA membership just so I can use the gym? Buy myself a treadmill? If my cute hubby had a normal 8-5 job, this wouldn't even be a problem! But he doesn't...and I'm not gonna get up at 2am to go running before he leaves for work at 3am!!! ha! Hmmmm...decisions, decisions, decisions....I don't WANT a YMCA membership, I cancelled that one last fall. I'm sure I could find a decent treadmill on Craigs List, but where in the crap would I put it???!!!! *sigh*


Diane said...

i mean this truthfully... since i've been doing "other workouts" i don't use the treadmill.. i actually folded (ha.. folded, it's huge) it and put it in raegans room.. you can have it for the summer if you want to. i know you prefer outside, but hey it's a free offer, and it's not a rinky-dink one either... find a place and you can "borrow" it!

Min said...

There ya go~ I say, put it in the living room. Or somewhere...a loaner treadmill! See how the universe works? good luck.