Thursday, May 1, 2008

Dinners and Excessive SNACKING!

This is last nights's called 3 Bean Avocado Dip...I really LOVE it and so does the hubby. Kids like it, I think only because they get to each Tortilla Chips with it! It reminds me kind of like a Chili recipe, but without meat.
I just LOVE all the beans in it...Black, Kidney and Pinto...YUM I'll post the recipe at another time!
THIS is tonights dinner (sorry for the bad picture) I was SO not in the mood to cook dinner tonight for some reason...and what I was going to make, I couldn't becuase my yellow peppers that were in the fridge, went bad on me. So, Nathan had the idea of doing breakfast burritos...and it was so very good!!!
Just eggs, sausage and whatever spices he put in there...little cheese on top, wrapped up in a nice wheat tortilla! I paired it w/a side of apples on the side too...I think the best part was that I didn't have to make it!!!

Now, on to the SNACKING...I don't know what my deal is this week...but I feel like I'm CONSTANTLY snacking on stuff! Today was actually the first day I didn't do a lot of snacking, and I was actually surprised at myself! Because the last few days have been retarded!! ha! I've been 100% with my NO sugar/sweets this week which I'm very happy with...(especially since my 1/2 marathon is THIS SATURDAY!) but I'm sure my calorie intake has been pretty high because of the constant eating!! Oh well, next week is a new week!!! Wish me luck on my big race!!! :) I'm totally ready for it and SO excited!! Woohoo!


Heather said...

Right. Your calorie count is high! Probably because you work out like a fiend and this is your body's way of telling you "Feed Me!" Hon, you are just fine, don't fret, if you actually stoppped and counted everything you eat and then how much you burn throughout the day I am sure you are one well-oiled machine! Good luck with the race.

Min said...

I second what Heather said. Listen to your body. You need to eat more than you think when you're working out as hard as you do. It's the rest of us who probably need to watch the snacking AND get more exercise! =)