Thursday, October 22, 2009


Can this girl do it?
Last week I officially registered for the marathon. I almost had a panic attack! It's only just over a week away until the race. I'm feeling very nervous...having lots of self doubt...WHY???!!!! I hate that I do that. I have trained very hard...I really feel like I'm ready. I put up a sign in my bathroom and my kitchen that says...I am a marathon runner...I can run 26.2 miles....Just to remind myself that I CAN do it. Can I Really??!!! Yes, Yes, Yes.......I have to constantly remind myself....envision myself at the finish line.....
Here's a few food pics! I love, love, love this cute little bowls...
and I love putting food in them to eat! It makes eating more fun...hahahahaha

Only 2 1/2 weeks left on the challenge. I still have a perfect score! Go me!!!


Diane said...

i know you can do it. i mean.. if me and thats a big IF.. if ME can complete this freakin' challenge, then you sisa can run a marathon. i really wanna go .. you know that. i'd love to see you. but i KNOW you can do it.. you work your a@@ off everyday to train! this is cake .. oops bad analogy.. this is easy as pie.. DAMMIT! well, its in the bank for you.. so no worries there. :)
and that lunch looks yummy.. i was thinking ... man i want to eat that.. :(

Nikki said...

Way to go, You can do it and you will do it. You should be very proud of yourself. Thanks for putting food pictures up haha