Friday, November 13, 2009

Hoover Dam Marathon

I am so overdue with this post...oh is what it is!!!

I completed my FIRST marathon!!! Wahoo!!!! I was so nervous the morning before...and the morning of! Especially since we got lost and couldn't find the start line to the race...HA! I was late starting, I started like 2 minutes after everybody else!!! Oh well!!!

Nathan took lots of pictures, I'm just putting a few on here:)

I was very proud of myself...and for sticking with the race. The first half was beautiful AND I felt really good...the second half was HARD. There was SO MANY HILLS....ouch!

My time for the race was 4 hours 45 minutes. That comes out to be about 10:50 per mile. I felt real happy with that time, especially with the amount of hills that were involved! I KNOW I could have gotten a better time, if it was more of a flat route. But thats okay. I am taking a bit of a break from the intense training...still running, just not nearly as many miles as before. It takes SO MUCH time and my sweet hubby needs a break too:) I am hoping to do another marathon next year though!!!!

The Wellness Challenge is officially over. Me and 2 other girls got a perfect score!! So we won. yay!!! So this week I have been eating whatever the heck I want...and it hasn't been pretty. HA

Too many sweets thats for sure. I haven't been taking any pictures of food at all...haven't been in the mood I guess. That and I basically eat the same things over and over....which I've already posted pictures on here before. SO! I guess that's it for now!!!
Happy eating...and exercising!!!!

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