Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Feeling Good

I'm starting to feel better about my running. I've done better at making it a priority...and I'm loving it!!! We are having great weather right now and that makes running even MORE better...I definitely need some new tunes for my ipod though....

For my bday I got this shirt...I saw it at the running shoe store and just HAD to have it. (Born to Run is what it says)
And my feet are happy once again...NEW SHOES!!! As usual, I was way overdue. I got the same pair that I did last time, Asics...Just got wide instead of regular. They feel better this time and I really like these shoes...
I'm hoping to get my miles back up again....but we will see. As long as I can atleast get out and do 3-4 miles I'm good. I would like to do more, but some days that just isn't possible. And I'm OK with that!!!

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sanjay negi said...

after exercise and other activities the people always feel good and happy.


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