Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Few Things

So I was at one of my FAVORITE stores the other day...Trader Joes...and they had a sampling...a very GOOD sampling, of Couscous. So, I bought everything while i was there, to make it...I don't remember what it's called exactly but its darn good!!! I made it tonight for dinner...Nathan, Rylie and I, all liked it...the rest...no. But I'll still make it because its THAT GOOD. (I'll put the recipe) Tonight I served it up w/grilled chicken (seasoned w/salt, pepper and tonys..love that guy...haha), steamed brocolli and zuchini.
Lunch the other day...Turkey sausage w/raw veggies...plain yogurt and frozen blueberries.
This was my snack one day...I usually eat yogurt w/fresh fruit. But I didnt have any except for apples. So, I decided to try some frozen blueberries that were in the freezer. OH MY GOSH. I was in heaven. It was SO GOOD, I felt like i was eating ice cream. This is definitely a treat:)

Couscous Recipe:
1 C Couscous (i bought the TJ's whole wheat brand)
1 1/2 C Pure OJ (not from concentrate, and NO PULP)
1/2 C sliced, blanched almonds
1/2 c dried cranberries
2 diced green onions
salt and pepper to taste
In medium pot bring OJ to a boil and turn off heat. Then add Couscous, put lid on until OJ is absorbed (took mine around 10 minutes or so). While couscous is cooking, put almonds in a single layer on cookie sheet and toast 5-8 minutes. When couscous is done, combine everything else in a bowl and serve! Its good warm or cold!
Can't wait for leftovers tomorrow!!! I doubled the recipe tonight, cz I wasnt sure how much it would make exactly. And we have plenty leftover for Nathan to take to work for a few days, and for me to munch on too.

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Diane said...

1.) you know whats gross.. i dont even have to say!

2.) can i leave out the cranberries in the the couscous?

3.) you stole that 'GUY' from me! you DAMN THIEF!!