Monday, April 28, 2008

My New Find!

I have been searching for an "energy bar"/"good for me bar" for quite some time. But they all have so much ADDED Crap in them! I hated it...well I was purusing bloggers websites and found a girl talking about these Larabars. So the last time I was at the grocery store, I looked for them and found them! There is NOTHING added to them, only natural high fructose corn syrup or words I cannot pronounce!!! They have No added sugar, they are unprocessed, raw, Gluten free, Dairy free, soy free, I tried the chocolate coconut chew and i was pleasantly surprised at how good it was! Even my 17 month old ate it! My husband took one to work but I don't know which one he took...I need to ask him if he liked it. Anyway...what was ALSO cool about that girls website...she made her OWN version of the larabars!! So now if I don't want to buy them, I can make them myself!! yay!!!!
This is my peanut butter! It is so yummy...I LOVE it on homemade bread thats been toasted (as stated in a previous entry!) and with celery or just whatever!! AND it's good for me! No hydrogenated oils! yipee!!! I still have JIF in the cupboard...but I switched it on the kids too, and they dont even know it! I use this kind for Rebekkah's sandwich EVERY morning!
And THIS is my 6 pack...a DEAR friend has been requesting a picture of I thought I'd give it a whirl...I don't think the picture does myself justice...I guess I need a DARK tan on my stomach and oil all over it like most people do for pictures! hahaha

Todays workout was Chest and Back...Pushups and pullups!!! LOVE IT!!! I also did my AB workout which kicked my butt cuz I haven't done it faithfully for a while!!!!


Diane said...

can i get the p.b. anywhere?? cz i'd like to try it! i'm not a fan of jif... we like R.F. peter pan. mmm!
nice pic ---btw.
if i took a picture like that.. i'd look like the 200lb lady on the hydroxy cut commercials.. only worse! HA..
thanks for fulfilling my request.. assuming it was mine :)
and i'm sure that pic doesn't do justice-they never do. (i know you know it, but be very proud)

Christine said...

You ROCK Anissa!!!! One day, I will have one too!

Miss Niss said...

yes diane its from YOUR request!! and i get the peanut butter at frys in the TINY healthy food section that they have...but i believe you can get it at sprouts...there are so many different kinds...just need to find a natural kind thats just NUTS..that way its way better for you:)

Min said...

I've tried all different kinds of larabars before, I thought they were just okay. Did that girl post a recipe? I'd like to check it out--I'm sure homemade is better!

Miss Niss said...

Min...her website is

you'll have to scroll through her archives to find the recipes..she has 3 different ones and I believe she posted them in february

Heather said...

You look awesome! Someday I hope to be as fit as you. You put us all to shame.

Miss Jenny said...

K...I'm going to do sit ups right now!!!!!!!