Sunday, November 9, 2008

Thursday: I ran a grand total of 5 miles! I was very happy. It was quite funny, because when I left the house to go on my run...I wasn't really feeling it. And my first mile I was thinking, well, this might be a short run today! But after the first mile I was feeling really good and the little babe was cooperating nicely! I don't know how much longer I can keep running, especially for that amount of time....but if you know me, I'll do it until I just can't do it anymore! The fact that it was a BEAUTIFUL day outside that day had a LOT to do with the way I was feeling. The weather has been so perfect here this past week, and I'm more then beyond READY for the change. Every day I've thought, wow, this is great running weather!!!! When I got home I was still feeling really good, but as the night time came...I could feel the effects of running 5 miles and being a week away to being 6 months pregnant!!!! Needless to say, Friday came and no exercising of ANY sort was on my mind! I was still feeling it from Thursday! Saturday the kids and Nathan got on their bikes and I ran. I did around 2.5 miles. Not a WHOLE lot but enough for me that day...enough to get the want of "running" out of my system!! And it was great being all together as a family!

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Diane said...

yay! for you.. and honestly....slow up a bit will ya??