Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A few meals

I've blogged about this soup before...I just love it!!! I love the fact that making one batch of it, having my whole family eat it for dinner, still leaves me with leftovers for a whole week!!!
My sweet kids helped me with the apples and strawberries!!!
Apples really are a favorite of mine...I eat one every day, sometimes two! Grilled chicken and a nice green salad full of yummy veggies!!!


sara said...

yummy Anissa!!!!!!!

That soup is on my 'to make' list this week!!!!!! YUM!

Nina said...

Your soup looks delicous and I think I am going to make some!

Piece of advice though- on the second pic of your soup you have papers in the back ground that show your personal info. You should consider cropping that!

Have a great day!

Nina :)