Thursday, January 29, 2009

This girl is very inspiring with her healthy food meals and choices...some day I'll be as good as her!!!! (thanks sara, you really are awesome!)

This is last nights dinner...egg sandwich (3 egg whites, toasted homemade whole wheat bread, with a little bit of honey), apple (there was carrots, but i ate them before taking the picture!)
Don't remember which night this dinner is from...sweet/sour chicken, with pineapple and green bell peppers on brown rice...salad (spinach, green leaf lettuce (from my momma's garden!), carrots, bell pepper, cucumber, red cabbage)...5 orange slices and 2 apple slices.
I love incorporating both veggie and fruit into almost every meal. My kids plates looked just like mine and that makes me happy too!!!

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sara said...

awhhhhh. thanks. :)

Love seeing the food pictures!!!!

And you know you'll be back in shape the day after you give birth... :)