Sunday, April 26, 2009


breakfast: cream of wheat, strawberries and homemade wheat toast
snacks: crackers and baby carrots
lunch: fresh pineapple and leftover pizza
dinner: crockpot beans, sliced red and yellow bell peppers and cornbread muffins

Exercise: took rylie and walker for a walk (still got the full 45 minutes in!)

*challenge stuff*--for the challenge, you can either take one free point a day or take a full free day. my plan is to take a full free day, however, i can't always get 7 hours of sleep because of having a newborn obviously...and on the nights i dont get the full 7 hours i am not always able to take a nap...anyway...last wednesday i didn't get the full 7 hours so i had to take a free point that day to cover that. So, that meant that i couldn't take a full free day like planned. So, thursday, friday and saturday i got my 7 hours of sleep so could take a free point for each day...obviously, with my sweet tooth i took a free point for no sweets/sugar. friday i had paradise bakery cookies, saturday i had vanilla ice cream w/strawberries...AND for sunday i had carob clusters.

I didn't like taking a free point every day...because then i knew i was going to eat something sweet if i didn't have to take the free point for the 7 hours of sleep. I am hoping that i can still keep my sweets down to a minimal, even if for some reason i can't do my free full day. don't know if this makes sense to anybody else, or if anybody else cares, but i needed to write it down, just for myself. i'm hoping to take just one free day this week and not worry about the one point a day thing...but it all depends on my little babe if i can get the sleep or not!!!

Here's to week 2!

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sara said...

Hey Anissa! I love all the documentation!

I think you misunderstood the free points though. You only get one free point a week per category -so only one free sugar point a week, one free journal entry, one free exercise, etc.... I think I should probably do a group email for this! :)