Tuesday, April 28, 2009


breakfast: oatmeal
snacks: peanut butter pretzels
lunch: same as monday (leftover beans, salad, apple)
dinner: breakfast! don't the eggs look so yummy??!! they were really good. I used 1 egg, 2 egg whites, added zuchini (from the garden!!), red bell pepper, onion and salt and pepper. I didn't have any fruit besides apples left so i went to the pantry and got out some canned peaches...also had whole wheat pancakes, plain...no sugary syrup!

Exercise: Ran 4 miles outside...I definitely am hurting for some new running shoes...hopefully soon i can go get some...i am WAY overdue!


[dene'] said...

I didn't know you had this blog....cool! very motivating. thanks

Diane said...

no syrup??? you mean to tell me you don't have some sugar free, organic stuff?? and tell me about the pb pretzels... pleeeease!
and that steak looks soooo good. kev HATES to grill so i never get that stuff. (well he doesn't like the flavor of grilled food, so it wouldn't do us any good if i grilled either) :(

Diane said...

so i'm feeling a little dumb... i was excited i jogged for 4 minutes.. doesn't compare to your 4 MILES..... hahahahaha :)