Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Breakfast: granola w/skim milk

snacks: grapes, raw almonds and whole wheat crackers

lunch: veggie sandwich (spinach/lettuce, cucumber, tomato and bell pepper on HOMEMADE whole wheat bread!) and an apple (should have taken a picture because it was DIVINE!!!)

Dinner: Veggie-Rice stacks
Got this from Erleen Tilton cookbook. REALLY liked it. The so called "cheese sauce" is made with cashews, a carrot, liquid aminos, chili powder, onion powder and put that all in the blender and mix until smooth then heat it up over the stove. So there's brown rice on the bottom, then the sauce, then top with kidney beans (or whatever you choose), red bell peppers, celery, brocolli, raw sesame seeds and raw slivered almonds.

Exercise: Ran 3.5 miles

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