Thursday, July 9, 2009


Breakfast today was oatmeal w/frozen blueberries and fresh strawberries...oh how i LOVE oatmeal with fruit!!! seriously, i could eat that for every meal.

Lunch I made a salad...spinach, red leaf lettuce, carrots, red bell pepper, cucumbers, zuchini and cabbage...topped with some balsamic vinegrette. THEN
(horrible picture i know) I had yogurt w/fresh strawberries
This yogurt is SO yummy!!! THE BEST part about this yogurt, is that 1 serving, which is a cup, has only 120 calories and TWENTY SIX grams of protein!! How awesome is that??!!! Yay for protein!!!
I only wish it wasn't so BLASTED expensive. BUT Sprouts had it on sale this week, so I took advantage:)
Workout today was running 5 miles, cleaning the house and moving furniture for carpets to be cleaned tomorrow!!! I wanted to get some YOGA in today, but I did NOT have the time!!!
Snacks for today were grapes and some raw trail mix.
Dinner I had 3 egg whites w/green onion, red peppers, and zuchini and 1 whole wheat english muffin topped with spray butter and homemade apricot jam (OH YUM)

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