Saturday, July 18, 2009


I am feeling very "slackerish" lately. Yes I've been working out, exercising, doing my "thing"...
Today was my long run day and I did 9 miles, outside!!! It was a good run...I was feeling tired around mile 8, but kept pushing!!! Next week I do 10 miles....and it just goes up from there!!! The marathon is on Oct 31st so I need to make sure I get all my running in so I am PrEpArEd!!!!!

Anyway, back to slacking. My eating. Is. Horrible.

My portions are out of control! And the sweets are still killing me!!!!! ugh!!!!

So, I printed out 2 pictures of Dara (sp) Torres...(previously made a post about her)...I will hang one in my room and I plan on putting one somewhere in the kitchen, either in the "snack" cupboard or the fridge. Haven't decided. That way, I am reminded of my goals and where I want my body to be.

I am so grateful that I did the 12 week challenge...and am thinking I will do it again...but maybe a little bit of a different version...and my cute hubby says he wants to do it too!

On to some GOOD food. I wrote about this place before....PiTa JuNgLe!!! Oh how I LOVE that place. Healthy food that is so, so good! My cute hubby and I got to go on a date last week, and I chose to go eat there. I got their Mediteranean Chicken Salad...OH MY GOSH!!! Pure heaven, it was so good. I wish oh wish I had a camera to take a picture!!! I can't WAIT to have it again. Super healthy dinner and then I had a big old ice cream from cold stone afterwards...wha???!!!! Idiot!!!

Here's me...setting the reset button AGAIN!!!!


Diane said...

so strange to hear you say that you ate ice cream! like, oh my gosh!
you are TOO hard on yourself for the little treats that you have. youre a freakin' marathon runner and a freak eater.. (haha sorry.. didn't have anything else) so making cookies w/ the kids and eating them is called NORMAL! so is deserving some ice cream. just go to that one place that was sugar free or fat free or whatever. like golden spoon..but whatevers out there! :)

sara said...

Dara Torres is a MAN! :) not really -but the pic I saw of her in a mag, if I covered her face I was like, dang -she could pass as a man. She has an amazing physique!! wow.

Love Pita Jungle!!

Ooooo -good for you with the Marathon. (waaaaaaaaaaaay too long of a distance for me) bleah. And when you're running that much -I think you can eat pretty much whatever the heck you want!! Don't stress too much! :)