Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Okay, so I haven't been tracking my food very well. I keep forgetting to take the pictures and all. And then my day ends and I haven't had time to even get the pictures on here!!! So here's what I've got for the last little idea what days or anything...

This was my packed up dinner on Monday. Girls have piano lessons on Monday so we eat dinner at my MIL house. I always pack my own:) There is a grilled chicken breast under all those veggies!!
Sliced apples and handful raw almonds
ahh, the love of my life! This has become one of my FAVE's for breakfast. Warm brown rice, apples and almonds w/almond milk. I'm actually eating this one right now...I could eat this for every meal!!
Apples and I KNOW it looks like something OTHER then almond butter, but i promise, its not.
Baked salmon (w/salt, pepper and a little Tony's...yum), raw carrots, yellow peppers, cucumber and cauliflower
Grilled chicken breast (w/salt, pepper and tonys...i LOVE tonys)..sliced cucumbers and tomatoes
I can't wait until summer....not for the heat of course but for all the yummy fresh fruit!!! And I really wish I could get my running back on track. I am working out of course, but not hardly any running is involved...that makes me sad:( I guess I need to pick a race to do, that way I have a goal in mind??? That will totally make me stick to a running schedule...
Challenge is going well. Perfect score for week 1...and there was ALOT of other people that did too!!! I think there is going to be a fierce competition this time around!! Which is good...makes me glad that people are reaching their goals...


sara said...

Hey Niss!

We are on the same page! I am loving almond butter and almond milk too!!!

Miss Jenny said...

Love this! Who is Tony? ("i love tonys")