Sunday, February 20, 2011

Did Better!

This week I felt so much better about my food choices! I love that!!!

I wanted to start taking pictures of my food again and tracking it better, but alas....I have no batteries for my camera! I was bummed:(

I may still just track my food here...and maybe workouts? Altho, I really do the same workouts, hmmmm, I'll have to think about that.

I have looked into getting a gym membership. So far, I'm not finding anything. Oh well. Maybe I can find some different videos at the library???!!! We shall see! Their selection for workout stuff doesn't seem to be that great.

I have done well with staying away from refined sugars this week! I do have some grain sweetened choc chips in my freezer that I've snacked on more then once, but thats a big step from downing bowls of unhealthy icecream!

I'm hoping that if I can start tracking my food better, it will help w/my portions. I have LoVeD the mixture of yogurt, oatmeal, berries, nuts and cinammon that I learned from Sara. I had that almost every morning this week for breakfast! And I did lots of yummy salads for lunch. Late afternoon, dinner and night-time are my HARDEST times for snacking and wanting FOOD!!!!

Personal goal for this week: NO EATING AFTER DINNER. Its gonna be a tough one, but I know I can do it!!! I better inform my husband so he doesnt try to tempt me. ;) I realize tho, that I'm more apt to go to bed early, spend more time w/my hubby, when I'm not focusing on "what treat can i have now that the kids are in bed???" I like that feeling better.

With doing P90X again, I'm loving how my arms are looking. I almost said a negative to that positive statement, but I caught myself! I want to be happy with that. I am really, really, REALLY working on being happy with myself again. Knowing that I am a strong woman and tho my body isnt perfect, and has flaws....I can love myself just as much as my husband does and my children do. Working out, eating right, IS important to me. But I'm not perfect but am doing the best I can in my life right now.

I am looking for a race to run in the spring. Even if its just a 10k. Its been far too long. OH!!! I ran 6 miles on saturday and it felt GrEaT!!!

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