Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tues & Wed

I'm already behind! Some days I just dont have time to get on here and write it all down, let's see if I can remember!

Exercise: Ran 5 miles outside and Ab workout
Breakfast: I THINK it was my oatmeal/yogurt concoction
Lunch: 6 inch Turkey Sub w/ALL the veggies (from Subway)
Dinner: Family had leftovers, I was still full from the sub (and the handfuls of grain sweetened choc chips...i know, i know...they are healthier BUT they still have calories) so around 630 or 7 i got hungry and just had a few handfuls of baby carrots and then an apple w/almond butter.

Exercise: P90X Shoulders and Arms, Also walked 2 miles on the treadmill on the highest incline...was all I had time for
Breakfast: oatmeal/yogurt concoction (I crave that EVERY morning, even tho I also love my smoothies)
Lunch: my plan was to have a smoothie or salad. I unfortunately am an idiot sometimes. I SHOULD have made my lunch b4 doing the kids cz I got all their stuff out to make grilled cheese sandwiches, veggies and fruit on the side of course. And I started munching on the carrots, and kept munching on the carrots. Then I cut their bread, and decided to have some bread, ate some of their grapes, etc, etc etc. By the time theirs was done, I had eaten my calories for lunch! So, I didnt make anything else for myself. LaMe i know!!!
Dinner: Mexican Salad....(black or pinto beans, lettuce, cucumbers, bell peppers, olives, corn, green onions...mix it all up w/a vinegrette dressing) Had some baked tortilla chips too.
And of course, there was choc chips in there somewhere during the day!

I have kept to my goal of NO eating after dinner. Altho, last night was HARD. I really wanted ice cream, or yogurt, or something! But i didnt. The end.

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Heather said...

I think you are doing wonderfully and that you are too hard on yourself. Look at the positives that you listed: you may have munched on the kids HEALTHY lunch but you didn't continue to eat after that. You had carrots and an apple for dinner. Girl! I just ate a Klondike bar! Help me! :) You are my inspiration.