Tuesday, July 22, 2008


First, I should catch up with my workouts. Friday was a day OFF from running! yay! So I just did Yoga that day. Saturday I didn't do a dang thing, had too much other stuff going on and never got around to running. It was just one of those days where I really didn't feel like it! Yesterday I ran 5 miles and did P90X CHEST and BACK and ABS. One of the great things about these workouts is that you write down how many reps of the exercises your doing, what weight, etc....and I love that...I like being able to push myself just a little bit further then the time before. Yesterday after I got done with my workout....I was TIRED!!! My arms were shaking because of how hard I pushed myself. So I sat down on the couch and was looking at my numbers that I had done for the day and decided to look back when I first started. I couldn't believe the difference! How much more I can do now, then when I first started this program! I got all happy and really felt good about what I had accomplished. So, here's the stats...then and NOW!!!!! (pullups i'm still using a chair, but there is a HUGE difference in the numbers!)

Standard Pushups: First started= 1st set: 8 2nd set: 8 Now=1st set: 18 2nd set: 16
Widefront pullups: First started=1st set: 7 2nd set: 7 Now=1st set: 16 2nd set: 14
Military Pushups: first started=1st set:6 2nd set: 3 Now=1st set: 10 2nd set: 8
Reversegrip Chinups: first started=1st set:6 2nd set:9 Now=1st set:13 2nd set: 13
Widefly Pushups: first started=1st set:8 2nd set: 8 Now=1st set:15 2nd set: 13
Closedgrip Overhand pullups: first started=1st set:7 2nd set: 8 Now=1st set:12 2nd:11
Decline pushups: first started=1st set:4 2nd set: 3 Now=1st set:10 2nd set: 10
Heavy pants: first started=10lb weights Now= 15 lb weights
Diamond pushups: first started=1st set: 5 2nd set: 4 Now=1st set:13 2nd set: 10
Lawnmowers: first started=10 lb weights Now=15 lb weights
Dive bomber pushups: first started=1st set: 8 2nd set:5 Now=1st set:11 2nd set: 10
Back Flys: first started= 10lb weights Now= 12 lb weights


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very good indeed! :)

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