Sunday, July 13, 2008

Yoga and a Snack

I love, love, love Yoga!!! It is one of my favorite things to do. And this pose, is my favorite, Warrior 2. This pose shows me determination, strength, and great focus. Yoga helps me so much in calming the mind, forgetting about the world and being in touch with my "inner me". (normally I don't wear my tennis shoes when doing Yoga! But in the P90X workouts, there is a cardio workout that is a mixture of yoga, plyometrics, kenpo and core, and that is what i was doing when this picture was taken!)
Mmmm, one of my favorite snacks! Raw almonds and dried cranberries. I like the mixture of the sweetness of the cranberries mixed w/the nuts! So yummy!!!!
My 2 main goals this week:
1. Watch portions
2. No SNACKING AFTER the kids are in bed!


Diane said...

LOVE almonds, cannot eat any dried fruit! blaahh!! ever had gogi berries? or is it goji? and, who took the pic?

Nikki said...

Just found this other blog, For the first time in my life I ran eight miles today, Granted it was on the Wii fit but it is something. I never have been a runner. I wish I loved almonds. The warrior is my favorite pose. You should come to Brikam Yoga with us sometime.