Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A few lunches

This salad was kind of made on a "whim"! ha! It's my regular green salad, full of veggies (brocolli, spinach, green leaf lettuce, zuchini, carrots, etc....) but I topped it with some left overs from the night before. Ground turkey, pinto beans and brown rice. Then added the side of apple. It was actually quite yummy for a put together contraption!!! I topped it with light ranch dressing because I really didn't think balsamic vinegrette was going to taste that good!!! (whats NOT pictured is the pieces of peanut butter and jelly sandwich I had of walkers too! yikes!)
Chicken salad, made with a little lite mayo, dijon mustard, salt/pepper, green onion, celery and cucumbers on a bed of spinach and lettuce! Side of apples and carrots....can you tell I love apples??!!!!! Gala apples are my VERY FAVORITE!!! Its the only ones i even buy!

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