Monday, February 9, 2009


My family is quite funny. They always remind me to take a picture of my food or ask me if I'm going to. Tonight, for some reason, they ALL wanted me to take a picture of their plates too, even my cute hubby!!! (he said his plate looked better then mine! ha!) I made chicken cutlets milanese for dinner (i've posted the recipe before) and I just love the chicken mixed with the spinach/tomatoes/onions and light balsamic vinegrette, so tasty!!!!

So since I had to take pictures of ALL, then I have to post them ALL!!!! Alteast it makes me feel good that they are happy about their dinners!!!

Walkers plate
Abby's plate
Rebekkah's plate
Nathans plate (the reason he said his looked better is because of the blackberries!! Its got great color he says!!!) (I guess I can agree with that one!!)
My plate!!!
Have I ever said how much i LOVE strawberries??!! They are my favorite!!
I really could eat them all day long....
They all differ in one way or another, except for Walkers and Abby's. Rebekkah's is ALWAYS different because she is WAY picky and doesn't like very many fruits/veggies. So I load her up with what she DOES like and call it good. Alot of times I will put something on her plate she doesn't like and just have her eat ONE and she is okay with that....usually!!! Every meal I have been doing a lot of raw fruits and veggies and it makes me happy that my kids are happy with it and even my cute hubby!!! Its also nice that the kids don't ALWAYS have to have ranch dressing with their veggies. Sometimes I let them and sometimes I don't. Tonight I didn't have it out and they didn't even ask for it (although abby and walker DID have it out at lunchtime!) My lunch today wasn't that great...I totally didn't feel like making anything! so i had some carrots and celery to get some veggies in and then ate a bowl of honey nut cheerios!!! it's the only thing that sounded good....ah well...tomorrow will be better!!!

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