Friday, February 13, 2009

Todays Lunch=Easy
Toast w/spray butter and all natural peanut butter on homemade whole wheat bread
baby carrots, apples and strawberries
I totally just felt like toast today for some taste buds lately have been all over the place. Things that normally sound good don't anymore! so weird...I guess I'll blame it on "the babe in my belly"!!

This week has been hard, with v-day and everything. Normally I make sugar cookies and get candy for the candy jar and all that good stuff. i didn't trust myself to make the cookies this year :( I have already taken my one "free day" for the month and had my treat, so I opted out of even making the cookies. Honestly, somedays I just want to say the heck with it! And eat some sort of is one of those days...and actually, the whole week has been that way. Every day has been a struggle! And watching Martha Stewart today didn't help....seeing as how her WHOLE show was about making valentines desserts!!! Oh well...I'll get through it!!!

In exercise news...just doing the same thing as usual. Walking!!! Usually 3 miles...some days when I'm feeling "sprout" I can do 4, but that doesn't happen very often anymore. I can't wait to be able to do something besides walking sometime soon!!!

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sara said...

free day only once a month!! I have one once a week. :)

Love the pics -especially of all the family plates!!!! Dinner looks yummy!