Monday, May 4, 2009


Breakfast: Cheerios (plain)
Snacks: raw almonds and cashews/whole wheat crackers
Lunch: 2 tacos (brown rice, kidney beans, red pepper, cucumber, avacado, spinach and salsa)/apple on the side
The picture was dinner...realy yummy. I got a recipe for Grilled chicken parmesan (no breading) from my biggest loser cookbook. It turned out really good. You just grill your chicken, when its done you put some marinara sauce on it(i made my own from the cookbook as well) and then top with a little cheese and let it melt. Much healthier then most chicken parmesans out there!!! Paired the chicken with steamed brocolli and zuchini and some canned pineapple (was out of fresh fruit)

Exercise: Level 3 Jillian Michaels dvd and walked 20 minutes on legs were tired/sore from the previous workouts!

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