Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Breakfast:(forgot picture) Oatmeal w/fresh strawberries

lunch: bed of spinach/red lettuce w/grilled chicken, baby carrots, tomato, brocolli, red peppers and cucumber...little salt and pepper with fresh lime squeezed on top...SO YUMMY (thanks sara for the lime idea!)...bowl of watermelon
Dinner: veggie rice stacks...brown rice, kidney beans, celery, red peppers, brocolli...apple

Snacks:grapes and raw trail mix

Exercise: P90X chest and back/ab ripper/walked 30 minutes on treadmill (rest day for running)...incline 10.0

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Diane said...

yay! for you.. i've been thinking of starting X back up again. i always liked it--just don't remember why we stopped doing it. the only thing i hated was the yoga. it was WAY too long and harder than hell man!!