Monday, February 15, 2010


Yay for the first day of the challenge!!! Feels good to be back...didn't think I'd actually feel that way. HA....
I am doing my best to stay on a meal plan for the next few weeks. I eat 4 times a day. I only took 3 pictures cz I forgot about doing it at breakfast. I eat at 7am, 10:30am, 2:30pm and 6pm. I kind of like it, I kind of don't. All the food was totally yummy though!!!

This isn't the best picture...(none of these are...our camera is dying i I didn't care what it looked like) This was dinner, had piano lessons from 530-630 for the girls so dinner was at the inlaws. I packed up my own to eat when we were done at piano. Green salad topped with chicken...lettuce, alfalfa sprouts, red peppers, celery...and 2 Tbs of homemade vinegrette dressing.
This was my 230 meal. Brown rice topped with seasoned black beans (that i bottled myself! YAY!), red peppers, alfalfa sprouts, avacado and a little hot sauce...very yummy

Protein smoothie at 1030am. Almond milk, peaches and strawberries, powdered greens, 1 tbs sunflower seeds and 1 tbs Xagave. I LOVE this shake...
7am meal was 2 hard boiled eggs w/celery. I like to cut up the eggs and put salt on them...I never really used to like hard boiled eggs. But I am getting used to them more and more. I also snacked on grapes today.
Exercise: Chest and Back, Ab Ripper (P90x)...also did 500 jumps w/a weighted jump rope

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Miss Jenny said...

Do you buy organic chicken? Frozen in a bag? I am on a quest to eat better and feed my family better.