Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tues and Wed

Just haven't had time to get these pics uploaded. And now that they are, they are all out of order! but i don't care...i'm not going back to change!!!
Wed Dinner: Bean salad...lettuce (from garden!), alfalfa sprouts, black beans, yellow peppers, celery and chopped walnuts...w/vinegrette dressing...(this was pretty good, but i'm getting tired of the dressing, need to find a new one)
Wed 2:30 meal...grilled chicken w/raw carrots and steamed brocolli. This was YUMMY. Esp the chicken...i grilled it w/salt, pepper and a little Tony's...mmmmm
I think this was Tues 2:30 meal...just cut up raw veggies...also had grapes
Wed breakfast: This was SO good. Cooked brown rice, almond milk, almonds and apple chunks...can't wait to have this again...
Tues dinner: veg omelete. Another one i love. 2 eggs w/green onion, peppers and zuchini...i put salsa on top when i ate it...w/side of raw veggies
Don't remember what day or meal...but it was good!
Tues meal: chicken lettuce, sprouts, red peppers, cucumbers, chicken and vinegrette dressing
I had an apple w/this stuff i belive it was tues morning...SO GOOD!!! I love almond butter
Workouts were good. Tues I did cardio x and ran 2 miles...(wanted to run more but had a BAD headache)...Wed was shoulders, biceps and triceps (p90x) also did a lot of jumping on the trampoline w/the family!!!

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