Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Over Doing It...

So after yesterday, I was PLUM tired (sounds like my grandma, ha!) but I was able to go outside and exercise again today. Wasn't AS cool as yesterday, but still better then the heat of the summer that's for sure! I was feeling kind of yucky this morning...so I told myself just to walk, and I walked 2 miles...THEN on the 3rd mile, I talked myself into running it (that PUSH yourself harder mentality I've talked about b4)...NOT such a great idea. I was feeling like CRAP when I got back home. I knew I shouldn't have run at all today...my husband REMINDED me that I AM pregnant and need to NOT be pushing myself when I'm not feeling well....NOTE taken today after feeling so crappy.


Nikki said...

Take it easy do not do to much.I am glad you are back to excerising. Yeah

Diane said...

i've told you once now i'll tell you again... LET ME BE YOUR EXAMPLE!!!
oh well, now you know...not like you'll listen though..but that's what makes you--you!
thanks for the motivation on my blog..:)
(not that i'll ever keep up w/ you or anything..oh well!)