Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Slacker? No, Just Pregnant!

Okay, so last week was a YUCKY week in the exercising area. I was feeling yucky pregnancy stuff and then towards the end of the week, got a head cold. So all exercising stopped for me for a bit. This week has been WAY better and I've been able to run some, walk some and even do a round of CardioX from my P90X. I am eating more (recommended by midwife) and feeling a LOT better then I was just 2 weeks ago. yay me!!!

As for dinner, let me just tell you that for a VERY yummy recipe go here I have been CRAVING some chinese food for weeks now!!! But have NOT had any, for 2 reasons. First, I just don't want to spend the money to go buy it (cause it can be pretty darn expensive) and Second, it's VERY FATTENING!!! Deep fried chicken?? Yeah, can only imagine how many calories are in THAT!!! I came across this dish from Simply Recipes and HAD to try it. Sweet and Sour Chicken! It totally hit the spot for me and I LOVED it, including my family. AND it's so much darn healthier then take out. LOVE that aspect....I was a little apprehensive in trying it, because it was just something new...but it turned out great!!! (Forgot to take a picture:( Darn!!) I served it up with some brown rice to make it even healthier!!! It was a great meal, and it's definitely on my "okay you can make this alot" list of dinners!!!

So, after making and eating a great meal...I turned around and made some chocolate chip cookies!!! hahahahaha...

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Diane said...

well, i dont know if i'm okay w/ you going overboard on the cookies, but chinese food is welcome! teehee
and believe you me---after i pig out on it, i feel like hurling! but ahhhh it's good when i eat it! :0)