Saturday, November 20, 2010

Fri 11/19

Breakfast: Organic gala apple and 2 tbs almond butter

Lunch: single serving bag edamame, 1/2 pc homemade whole wheat bread w/1 tsp raw creamy honey (oh how i love my homemade bread!!!!)

Dinner: 3 egg whites w/red bell pepper, green onion and zuchini, 1 egg free whole wheat pancake

snack: raw trail mix (i need to start measuring this out for sure, i always eat too many handfuls!), 1 cup leftover pasta (this was after our softball games, definitely could have made a better choice but oh well)

Exercise: P90X Core Synergistics...felt like running but knew I had 2 softball games to play still so just did 2 miles! Played 2 hours of co-ed softball (yay for softball season again!!!)

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