Monday, May 4, 2009


Breakfast: granola w/raisins, 1% milk
snacks: wheat tortilla (?)/watermelon
lunch: baby carrots, 2 tacos (grilled chicken, bell pepper, cucumber, spinach/salsa)
dinner: chili (ground turkey, black beans, red and green bell peppers, tomatoes, spices), topped with avacado/watermelon...NOT pictured is the corn bread i ate...and i ate too much:(
Exercise: level 1 jillian dvd and ran 2.5 miles
goal for tomorrow: run FIVE miles and snack less:)


Diane said...

not that i'm an expert (or just bcz i'm fat means listen to me) but you're nursing so snacking is okay. (i promise) it helps you and her and the milk! :o)

[dene'] said...

how do you like the jillian dvd??

Miss Niss said...

dene-i like the dvd okay. its the one she put out that is the 30 day shred. there are 3 different levels, and the workout is only like 20 minutes long...but its actually a workout! does pretty good