Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Catch Up

I'm finding that I just don't have time to write down everything i eat every day here on the computer. I keep track on my own little note pad, but with 4 kids, one being only 2 months old...I just don't have time! So I will post when I can and continue to take pictures and post those too.
This was lunch yesterday...green salad (fresh red lettuce and spinach from the garden, cucumbers, brocolli, carrots and red peppers)...grilled chicken and an apple
Dinner sometime last week. Griled chicken, apple and pineapple, steamed zuchini and brocolli with wild rice
Strawberry protein shake
Dinner last week...red and yellow peppers, baby carrots, watermelon with black beans and rice
Lunch: leftover chili with red peppers and watermelon (i could eat watermelon ALL day EVERY day!!!!)
Breakfast: 3 egg whites with zuchini, red peppers and green onion...served with black bean salsa and an apple
Exercise is good. I did my goal last week of running 5 miles! And I ran it again yesterday....hmmm...maybe I can reach 6 this week?
Here's to a great week with great eating!!!!


Diane said...

so was all the stuff NOT from the garden?? and that watermelon looks yummy!! well, most of what you eat does.. i don't know how you do such a good 'picking' job! mine always suck!!! :( and i'm jealous of your run..

Laura and Jimmy said...

hi, i'm from the wellness challenge and i have a novice question. first, how do you make the strawberry protein shake... it looks yummy. second, i went to the store to buy protein powder and was overwhelmed with choices and ended up not getting anything. what do you get?

Miss Niss said...

laura--i'm really not sure about which protein powder is the best...i just go to walmart and buy the whey protein powder...and i usually just get vanilla. i'm sure theres some powders that are better then others, but i dont know..sorry!
as for the shake...i got it from my p90X diet book that came with the workout dvds..its just 1 cup skim milk, ice, a scoop of the protein powder, 1/2 cup fruit and a banana..
i don't like bananas...so i just put extra fruit in mine..i like doing peach too..hope that helps!!

Laura and Jimmy said...

thank you :) it does