Tuesday, April 8, 2008

It's Begun!

My training has begun once again! I ran 5 miles yesterday...and I'm not gonna lie, it was rough!!! I thought about just doing 3, but pushed myself to finish and do what I was supposed to. Not only am I still recovering from being sick, my monthly visitor showed up yesterday morning! These are the times I absolutely HATE running...while being on my period.

Had a really yummy dinner last night...a pasta full of yummy vegetables...will post pics of that one later and the recipe. No struggle with my no sugar rule yet this week! (it's only tuesday though! HA)


Diane said...

i'm still so sad you missed cali! and i saw your counter FINALLY changed.. and i seriously can't imagine how hard it was. and those tacos do look yummy. of course i WILL not be using wheat tortillas..
but do share the INSIDE of the taco recipe! :)

Min said...

You can find that yummy taco recipe here: http://bad-girls-kitchen.blogspot.com/2008/04/

It's nice to have a place all your own, for blogging about whatever you want...