Wednesday, April 9, 2008


First Set: Second Set

Standard PushUps: 15 Standard PushUps: 13

Wide Front Pull Ups: 12 Wide Front Pull Ups: 13

Military PushUps: 8 Military PushUps: 5

Reverse Grip Chinups: 12 Reverse Grip Chinups: 12

Wide Fly Pushups: 13 Wide Fly Pushups: 8 (was not happy about that)

Close Grip Overhand Pullups: 12 Close Grip Overhand Pullups: 11

Decline Pushups: 9 Decline Pushups: 8

Heavy Pants: 10 reps/15 pd dumbells Heavy Pants: 10 reps/15 pd dumbells

Diamond Pushups: 13 Diamond Pushups: 10

Lawnmowers: 12 reps/15 pd dumbells Lawnmowers: 12 reps/15 pd dumbells

Dive Bomber Pushups: 9 Dive Bomber Pushups: 7

My arms were already sore, after only 2 hours of doing this workout! hahahaha...this is one of my favorite ones out of the P90X series...for my pullups, i Use a chair...someday, I'll be buff enough to do 20 with/OUT the chair!!! YES!!!
For dinner tonight we had turkey burgers (no bun for me). I LOVE having turkey burgers, they are so yummy....I paired that with steamed brocolli, some corn and baked beans...tonights meal is a favorite in our house and its so easy!!!

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